Paris Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Wedding & Portraits Photographer

Paris wedding & portraits photographer

What makes my work unique, I believe, is the personal connection we share with my clients. For me it is an honour to be able to tag along and capture their most private moments for them. I genuinely care about every client when giving my all while working on their photographs. However, I think, gorgeous photography is not all that matters. Actually, it is all about capturing the moments of love and tenderness that you will cherish looking back on long after the wedding is over. Honoured as your photographer, I aim to be present for you and your loved ones. To me, having your trust is both an enormous duty and a wonderful blessing.

Every wedding is unique in its own way.

I believe, my work is creative, artistic, and will stand the test of time. Furthermore, it has a “stripped back” simplicity to it that, if successful, will interest the audience. When I take photographs, my aim is to get candid expressions and responses from the people without making them pose or otherwise manipulating the scene. In other words, I reflect those ephemeral moments of significance that you could easily overlook if you did not pay close enough attention to the situation.

Throughout a wedding, my job is to keep a journal for all the planned and spontaneous moments as well as the countless emotions that come to life. I also work discretely in the background to pay attention and to film every aspect of your wedding for you to be able to just enjoy your special day. This includes the event site, the people in attendence, the decorations and other details.

After all, the story is told from your perspective, and I simply relay it. My line of work is immensely reliant on the natural world, as a result, I withdraw my daily inspiration from it. If you desire photographs that have a hint of nature in them, I will search for a venue that has the finest spots for the matter.